Dementia Care

Our home has been designed to provide a safe, caring, and inviting environment for individuals living with dementia. Every member of our Dementia Team has received ongoing specialised training in caring for all types and levels of the condition. We make sure each resident living with us at Roselea Court Care Home is treated with the highest level of care and respect.

Our Activity Coordinators work hard to provide dementia-friendly activities and therapies that are suited to the specific needs of residents living with dementia. Providing engaging activities on a daily basis increases social interaction and mental stimulation while also relieving some of the symptoms associated with dementia.

What is Dementia Care? 

Dementia is a neurological condition that affects several parts of the brain, such as impairing communication, memory and social functions. Those living with dementia can continue to live a full and varied life with the right care and support, while our team helps to maintain a sense of self and independence for as long as possible. Roselea Court Care Home understands that no two people living with dementia are the same therefore some residents may only require minor assistance with parts of their lives and others will require much more. Our care plans are tailored to each individual, and we strive to provide the perfect environment in order for everyone to live a happy and full life.

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Our Approach to Dementia Care

We are proud to deliver the greatest degree of care and respect to each resident, thanks to an experienced care team and the comprehensive training they have received. We are committed to providing care that enables residents to reach their full potential and lead a life that is best for them. Regularly scheduled activities at our home provided to residents of all abilities ensure social opportunities and mental stimulation is achieved. Our home was purposely-built to provide aesthetic communal and private rooms that offer both comfort and familiarity. We want all residents to feel relaxed within a luxury setting where they can make the most of each day.

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When is Dementia Care Necessary? 

Dementia poses a number of challenges for those living with the condition and those caring for the individual. Over the course of a long period time or sometimes a shorter span of time, the condition will progress, therefore someone will require more attention and support. If a person’s Dementia has progressed to the point where they require 24-hour care, then they will need to seek professional care in a care home. The team at Roselea Court gets to learn about a resident’s life with the help of family and loved ones, to ensure both medical and well-being needs are considered and met.

The Greatest Standards of Care, No Matter What

Throughout our home, we are continuing to prioritise preventative measures within our home, whilst maintaining a pleasant and homely environment. We will be working hard to ensure that we are adopting the highest standards of safety and hygiene, as well as complying with the latest laws and guidance issued by the government. Person-centred care will remain our number one priority no matter the challenges we may be faced with.

Providing You With High-Quality Care

Our approach to care is far more than just satisfying medical needs; it’s about caring for our future residents’ overall health, wellbeing, and interests. Our team will work closely with residents and their families to develop a detailed and individualised plan, as well as select a nurse or key worker to guarantee that care is delivered consistently. Our highly trained and motivated team is proud to offer excellent quality of care. Potential residents’ friends and family can rest easy knowing that our teams recognise and prioritise each resident’s uniqueness and talents.

Additional Medical Services: 

We offer a variety of additional medical services that are available to all residents that are not included in our overall fees but are important to have if a resident requires them. We want our residents to feel their very best during their time with us at Roselea Court and make the most of each day. During your stay at Roselea Court Care Home, you’ll have access to the below services:

Optician Appointments

One of the first things that deteriorate as we become older is our vision. Visits to a local optician are available at Roselea Court to ensure eyesight is well cared for.

Physiotherapy Sessions

Residents have the option to be seen by a Physiotherapist to ensure any aches and pains have been treated by a professional.

Dental Care

Residents who require a visit to a dentist during their stay at Roselea Court can book an appointment with a local dentist for regular checkups or treatment.

GP Visits

If one of our residents wants to make an appointment with a local GP, they can do so. We can attend with a resident or they can choose to go alone if they would prefer.

A Lifestyle Designed To Satisfy Everyone

We at Roselea Court Care Home have gone to great lengths to ensure that every feature of our home is perfect, from gorgeous bedrooms to planted grounds and everything in between. Our thoughtfully constructed home provides the ideal setting for people to enjoy a variety of amenities, all of which are meant to help residents live a full and rich life during their time here at Roselea Court. Our team is dedicated to providing quality time with our residents and assisting them with their daily routines and a variety of activities that are offered each week.

Contact Us Today

If you have any questions about the services or facilities we provide at Roselea Court Care Home, please email us at or call us on 01786 644000. Alternatively, you can fill out our online Enquiry Form and a member of our friendly team will contact you; we hope to chat with you soon.