Roselea Court Care Home and the Stirling Area

Roselea Court Care Home and the Stirling Area

Roselea Court Care Home is situated in a quiet cul-de-sac near to the A9 Burghmuir Road, in the heart of the Stirling community. This little corner of Scotland is absolutely steeped in history, with notable sights like Stirling Castle’s majestic Royal Palace and Bannockburn, the famous site of one of Scotland’s most defining conflicts. Other attractions and experiences, like coming face to face with a variety of wild animals at Blair Drummond Safari Park or feeling the breeze in your hair as you summit a mountain in Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park, will really make you feel in the present. 

You never know; they might even make you want to call Roselea Court Care Home and the surrounding Stirling area your new forever home. Here at Roselea Court Care Home, we recommend that all of our future residents take a little trip into the local city centre, either via regular public transport, a short car ride with a loved one, or using our chauffeur service. This way, they can enjoy wonderful meals out and about in cosy cafés, bustling restaurants and pubs that’ll treat them like the locals they are while staying with us in Stirling. 

We also recommend our future residents and their families to talk with local producers and try their hand at picking up some wonderful delights at the various local farmers’ markets going on all around Stirling. Stirling is also home to plenty of independent stores, both in the historic surroundings of the Old Town, and in the Victorian Stirling Arcade. Our daily schedule is always jam-packed with interesting and exciting outings and activities for residents to enjoy, however, so we always recommend keeping an eye out before you make any plans of your own. 

Rest assured that our future residents will have countless choices of things to do on a day-to-day basis, and the opportunities they’ll have to get out and about in and around the neighbourhood will be well and truly plenty. Our residents, whether they are Sterling regulars or have simply always wanted to call this little area of Scotland their home, shouldn’t be frightened to explore the area and mingle with the locals. We really want our new residents to acquire a taste of what their new life at Roselea Court Care Home could really be like. You can be assured that our care home in Stirling is fully equipped to your needs.

High Quality Care & Our Residents

Providing excellent care for all of our future residents at Roselea Court Care Home is one area in which we strive to particularly excel, as well as creating a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere throughout the home in which both our future residents and their loved ones will be able to enjoy. Whatever care it is that our residents may need, we’re so thrilled to be able to offer a wide variety of care options and alternatives to best suit the individual needs of the future local residents of Roselea Court Care Home. Around-the-clock care, and understanding that all of our residents require something different from us is essential to ensuring they receive exactly what they need. 

    Who is our home suitable for? 

    • Residential Care
    • Dementia Care
    • Nursing Care 
    • Respite Care
    • Physical Disability

    What’s included in the fees at Roselea Court Care Home?

    A variety of amenities and benefits are included in the fees here at Roselea Court.

    We aim to make sure that every single resident receives the very best support they need, which means that a lot of the medical treatment you’ll need during your stay is included in the price. You will get access to the following services as part of the fees at Roselea Court:

    • Access to a GP
    • Access to a Dentist
    • Physiotherapy Sessions
    • Eye care from an Optician

    Residential Care in Stirling 

    As a team, here at Roselea Court Care Home, all we want to do is learn how to best help our residents live independent lives with as much or as little assistance from us as they require. When it comes to residential care, we recommend this level of care to those who feel like they need minimal assistance when it comes to living their day-to-day lives. We really do think that our residents’ needs should constantly be satisfied in a variety of ways, and because of this, we ensure that we work hard to promote the overall benefits of taking care of our resident’s well-being by encouraging both physical and mental activities.

    Our major goal and priority for each and every one of our future residents is that they all receive the very best possible care and quality of life throughout their stay with us at Roselea Court Care Home. Group living with like-minded people is something we really hope our future residents will enjoy, and living with fellow residents who don’t have to worry about running a household or dealing with the stresses of everyday life. We hope our residents gain a tremendous amount of confidence and independence throughout their stay with us. 

    Dementia Care in Stirling

    We’re thrilled to be able to provide dementia care to each and every one of our patients at Roselea Court Care Home. Our facility has been designed to provide nothing but a safe, loving, and welcoming environment for both our residents and their loved ones. Our staff has undergone significant dementia training prior to Roselea Care Home opening its doors, and we will take immense pride in knowing we can provide the highest level of care and respect to all of our residents, as well as their friends and family members who might require some extra support and assistance from our teams.

    Regularly planned activities designed to help increase social and mental stimulation and interactions for our residents living with dementia, as well as tasks that have been created to help our residents better deal with any frustrations and tensions they’re going through that have been directly connected with the progression of their dementia. We aim to get to know our residents so that, with the support of family and loved ones, we can create an accurate picture of their life. Doing so helps to ensure their happiness, comfort, and well-being in the future and during their stay at Roselea Court Care Home.

    Nursing Care in Stirling 

    Nursing care will always be available to our residents at Roselea Court Care Home, no matter the time of day. Our competent and constantly supportive team at Roselea Court Care Home can care for a wide spectrum of residents, including those with physical restrictions, those who require palliative care, and other residents who might just require a higher level of reliance when it comes to living their every-day lives. 

    We’re also happy to be able to look after residents who have gotten more and more frail as the years have gone by, and are thus unable to properly care for themselves. Each and every one of our residents will also have a nurse assigned to them specifically, who is bound to become a familiar face and a primary contact to you and your family during your stay at Roselea Court Care Home.



    Respite Care in Stirling 

    We at Roselea Court Care Home in Stirling, recognise that everyone needs a little break now and then. Whether you’re looking for specific care for a loved one or need a break yourself, you can finally relax knowing that a safe, friendly environment and a team of very skilled specialists are waiting for you and ready to take the weight off of your feet. Depending on the needs and special requirements of our residents, which we will always assess upon arrival and throughout their stay with us, a respite stay with us at Roselea Court Care Home could last practically any amount of time, even up to years.

    Individuals who may need to recover from an illness or a hospital stay will hugely see the benefits of respite care. Arranging a brief stay with us at Roselea Court Care Home will always be encouraged, just so that people have the option to try out what life could be like for them if they chose to become a permanent member of the Roselea Court Care Home family. Making the effort to ensure our future residents here are enjoying their stay with us, and giving their friends and loved ones that little peace of mind, is one of our highest priorities. 


    Discovering Quality Care, Your Way

    No care home is identical, and because of this, we don’t expect the decision making process to be a simple one. Whether you or a loved one are making the important decision to move into a care home, we want to make sure that you feel listened to and supported throughout every single step of your journey. By the end of the year, our doors will be well and truly open, and ready to welcome our brand new residents to the Roselea Court Care Home family. 

    Before that happens, however, we want to ensure that all of our future residents and their loved ones have had the opportunity to ask their questions and receive the answers they deserve from our teams. We want all of our local residents to know that before they even take their first steps through our front doors that they are our very top priority, and that they can be confident in the knowledge that we will provide them with the very best care, services and facilities that we can at Roselea Court Care Home in Stirling.

    Without Roselea Court Care Home being open for potential visits, we also understand that at this moment in time, it can be difficult to know exactly what life at Roselea Court Care Home might actually be like. However, please don’t be afraid to get in touch with us if you have a question or query; we’ll endeavour to find you the answer.

    What’s local to Roselea Court Care Home?

    There really is something for everyone when visiting Stirling, and no matter what your hobbies and passions might be, we can assure you that you’ll find something of interest when staying with us at Roselea Court Care Home. From local gin distilleries and historical castles to explore and photograph to your heart’s content, all the way to upcoming bars and restaurants providing you with the excellent local dining experience you’ve always been looking for, Stirling continues to put its best foot forward. 

    However, when it comes to Roselea Court Care Home, our future residents really will be getting the very best of both worlds. Situated in a rural, community area, our residents will get to enjoy the peaceful, countryside village lifestyle, while also only being a short 15 minute bus journey away from the bustling city centre full of both chain and independent shopping and dining experiences. The idyllic location of Roselea Court continues to walk the fine line between contemporary and traditional living, meaning that a large supermarket is within walking distance from our home as well as a beautiful park and a local newsagents. 

    In Stirling City Centre, you’ll discover there’s a lot more excitement than initially meets the eye. A traditional, historic city with plenty of stories to tell, Sterling boasts a variety of museums, art galleries and monuments that are simply breathtaking to look at. Thistles, Stirling’s largest shopping centre with over 60 stores, is the place to go if you want to peruse some of the biggest names in British high-street fashion and really do some serious retail therapy. Avoid the crowds by arriving early – this is also a fantastic spot to park your car.

    Of course, last but certainly not least, we also have our famous football stadium for all of our more energetically-inclined residents. All of these attractions can be visited by our future residents either on their own or with a friend or family member, but if there is somewhere specific that you’d like to take a trip to, our friendly and supportive team at Roselea Court Care Home would be more than happy to discuss the possibility of visiting with you. Who knows? Maybe your suggestion could be a fabulous day out for the whole Roselea Court Care Home family.

    Providing You with High-Quality Care

    When it comes to providing each and every one of our residents with the high-quality, personalised care they deserve, you can rest assured that they’ll get exactly that when staying with us in Stirling at Roselea Court Care Home. When we open our doors in the months to come, we’ll be focused on ensuring fulfilling experiences and lifestyles for our residents and their loved ones, not to mention giving them detailed, experience-based care and medical treatments. At Roselea Court Care Home, making sure that our residents feel at home and at ease while receiving excellent around-the-clock care by trained and highly skilled professionals is one of our highest priorities. The responsibility we feel towards our future residents, their friends, and their family members is insurmountable, and we take caring for them incredibly seriously.

    Contact Us Today

    If you’re looking for somewhere for you or your loved one to reside in the near future, where you can guarantee the very best tailored and individualised care available to them, then look no further than staying with us here at Roselea Court Care Home, based in Stirling. We encourage you to write us an email detailing any concerns you might have. Our email address is You’re also more than welcome to fill out our Enquiry Form and a member of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.