Palliative Care

At Roselea Court, we are proud to provide a compassionate palliative care service within our care homes in Stirling which has been designed to provide people with comprehensive care for those who are in their final days, weeks or months. We also support VIPs‘ families during this time in what is undeniably an emotional and difficult time.

We support and care for people in the community and our care teams work tirelessly to ensure VIPs receiving palliative care experience a dignified and comfortable stay no matter what.

What is Palliative Care?

Palliative care, also known as end-of-life care, is a type of care service for someone who is living with a critical illness or health condition and is in the final days, weeks, or months of their life. A person may be coming to the end of their life due to natural deterioration or it could be that they have a terminal illness or life-threatening health condition.

Providing comfort is the main goal for those receiving palliative care in any care establishment, by lessening an individual’s pain and symptoms, as well as ensuring their dignity is maintained, and wishes are fulfilled.

Loved ones are also supported by the care home team, where VIPs can spend time with their relatives, whilst families receive the support they need to get through this difficult period.


Palliative Care at Roselea Court Care Home

Our care home in Stirling has a friendly team of qualified nurses and care staff who are dedicated to providing exceptional care and who treat every resident with respect.

We adopt a holistic approach to care and work with local healthcare professionals to ensure that we meet the needs and wishes of our residents. Our team goes above and beyond to provide a high standard of care and support each and every day.

We support both VIPs and their loved ones as we understand just how hard and emotional a time like this can be, and as such, we allow visitation at any time to enable families to spend valuable time together.


What You’ll Find at Roselea Court

In order to guarantee the comfort and overall well-being of our residents, our care home has been intentionally designed to offer a wide range of facilities and services, enabling residents to enjoy a fulfilling life.

Nurse Call Systems

Individualised Care Plans

Profiling Beds

Access to GP

Access to Dentist

Access to Optician

Access to Chiropodist

Access to Physiotherapist

Palliative Care FAQs

Palliative care can be administered in various settings, including care homes, hospices, hospitals, or even within the individual’s own home. Opting for a care home that specialises in palliative care ensures access to 24/7 support from experienced care professionals in a comfortable, home-like, and compassionate environment.

At Roselea Court Care Home, we understand the challenges and emotions that families encounter when their loved ones need palliative or end-of-life care. Our dedicated team is here to address any concerns, and provide guidance and comprehensive support to help you make the right decisions for your family.

We recognise the importance of families spending as much time together as possible during this uncertain period, which is why we have an open-door policy for visiting.

Care that Meets Your Personal Requirements

In our care home located in Stirling, we take great pride in providing a wide range of care services. We firmly believe that each resident deserves access to greatest standards of care while also having the opportunity to engage in their hobbies, explore their interests, and cultivate new friendships.

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