Life at Roselea Court

We at Roselea Court Care Home have gone to great lengths to ensure that every feature of our home is perfect, from gorgeous bedrooms to planted grounds and everything in between. Our thoughtfully constructed home provides the ideal setting for people to enjoy a variety of amenities, all of which are meant to help our residents, friends, and family members live a full and rich life during their time here at Roselea Court.

We believe one of the most rewarding aspects of what we’ll do is ensuring that our residents can continue to do things that bring them joy every day or engage in chores that allow them to keep a routine. We will be dedicated to providing quality time with our residents and assisting them in a variety of activities. Whether our residents want to be pampered at the beauty salon, or take it easy in front of the big screen watching an all-time classic film, there’s something for everyone.

Modern En-suite Rooms

At Roselea Court Care Home, we have 50 en-suite bedrooms. All of our rooms have been thoughtfully constructed with our residents’ comfort in mind; each spacious room is equipped with specialised equipment, and temperature-controlled central heating, and is ready for our residents to personalise as they choose.

It is vital to us that our residents feel like true members of the Roselea Court family, which is why we welcome all residents to personalise their rooms in any way they wish to. Residents can add a personal touch to their surroundings, whether it’s through ornaments, plants, or photographs, to truly make the room feel like theirs.


Roselea Court Care Home boasts five dining rooms that are spacious yet inviting, allowing prospective residents to enjoy a quiet meal alone or enjoy food with family and friends. The chefs create daily menus to ensure that all meal options meet the preferences of the residents. For those who prefer to eat their meals in their rooms, room service is available.

Residents and their families and friends can dine quietly or organise family gatherings in our impressive private dining room, allowing them to spend valuable time together. In the summer months residents can dine outside and enjoy their meal while it’s still light and warm in the evenings.

Arts and Crafts

Roselea Court Care Home believes in the opportunity for residents to be creative and have the ability to express themselves, that is why we will provide regular Arts and Crafts workshops. We will encourage residents to let their imaginations run wild by providing a wide range of materials for them to use in their artwork.


Roselea Court Care Home features two balcony areas for the residents to relax on and to enjoy al fresco dining. There’s nothing greater than being out the fresh air and watching the world go by while enjoying the company of other residents. It’s also the ideal space for residents to read a book or newspaper with a beverage of their choice during the summer months.

Garden & Outdoor Activities

We are thrilled to provide a beautiful, landscaped garden so residents can wander outside and take in the fresh air. If you enjoy a spot of gardening, residents are more than welcome to participate in gardening activities such as planting new flower beds.

Our ground-floor bedrooms have direct access to the garden and patio area, so you can sit, read a book and watch the world go by. Roselea Court has many impressive outdoor facilities for sports activities to take place all year round, especially during the warmer months. This includes a bowls green and a putting green for golf lovers, or for those who like to join in on the fun.

Hair Salon

Our staff at Roselea Court Care Home believe that our residents should look and feel their best, as this can contribute to their overall wellbeing. We will invite our residents to visit the Hair Salon on a regular basis. Our relaxing Hair Salon has been tastefully equipped to provide residents with a tranquil setting in which to unwind and enjoy getting pampered.


Our cosy cinema includes a diverse film selection of everything from black-and-white classics to contemporary comedies, giving residents plenty of choices. We guarantee that no matter what types of films our residents prefer to watch, we’ll be able to find a film that will pique their interest.

Activities Programme

Providing an activity programme ensures that residents are aware of what is going on at all times. Thanks to our planned activities, our residents will never be bored; in fact, some of our activities are scheduled weeks, if not months, in advance depending on the event. Our team will organise a variety of social activities, such as tours and excursions, in and around Stirling, a picturesque, historic city in central Scotland. Residents, friends, and family can venture out into the city and take a trip to the medieval castles, art galleries and country parks.

What to Expect at Roselea Court

Roselea Court Care Home is glad to provide a wide range of engaging activities for our residents; we endeavour to ensure that no two days are alike, and our staff will work around-the-clock to provide high-quality care to all residents. Friends, relatives, and loved ones can rest easy knowing that the residents of Roselea Court Care Home will be well cared for and lead happy lives every day.

Free Internet

Residents will be able to utilise our free internet access to stay in touch with family and friends on their mobile devices or tablets. Whatever device our residents will prefer to use to access the internet on, we promise no interruptions thanks to our lightning speed internet.

Cocktail Bar

Residents can relax in our splendid cocktail bar and enjoy a gin, whisky or whatever their tipple of choice. Roselea Court Care Home will consider every individual’s dietary requirements and allergies before food or drink is given.


Residents and visitors are welcomed to sit down for a coffee, enjoy a slice of homemade cake or afternoon tea and have a natter with a loved one in our café area.

24/7 Contact

At Roselea Court Care Home, each of the 50 bedrooms includes a telephone point that can be activated at the resident’s request, ensuring constant accessibility for contact 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Visitor Areas

Our care home features a Visitor Lounge and Visitor Cafe for friends and family of residents at Roselea Court Care Home. Residents are of course more than welcome to sit with their relatives and catch up over a cuppa, or, visitors can sit and read a book or newspaper while they wait to greet their loved ones.

Newspapers & Parcels

Our residents may regularly receive letters and parcels, and our Administrative Assistant will be more than happy to help assist residents to send out their mail. We will be able to provide daily newspapers, and the option for magazines to be supplied on a weekly basis.

Providing You With High-Quality Care

Our approach to care is far more than just satisfying medical needs; it’s about caring for our residents’ overall health, wellbeing, and interests. Our team will work closely with residents and their families to develop a detailed and individualised plan, as well as select a nurse or key worker to guarantee that care is delivered consistently. Our highly trained and motivated team is proud to offer excellent quality of care. Residents’ friends and family can rest easy knowing that our teams recognise and prioritise each resident’s uniqueness and talents.

Contact Us Today

If you have any questions about the services or facilities we provide at Roselea Court Care Home, please email us at or call us on 01786 644000. Alternatively, you can fill out our online Enquiry Form and a member of our friendly team will contact you; we hope to chat with you soon.