Palliative Care in Stirling

Our care home is located in a quiet residential cul-de-sac within the heart of Stirling. Our care home is all-inclusive and purpose-built, offering VIPs Palliative Care in Stirling, alongside other care services such as Dementia Care, Nursing Care, Residential Care and Respite Care.

We’re able to offer elderly support and care to those with specific health conditions as well as luxury accommodation and high end facilities for up to 50 VIPs.

What does Palliative Care mean? 

Palliative Care is also known as end of life care. It’s usually for those that are living with health conditions or critical illnesses and therefore are in their final days, weeks or months of their life. Someone could be coming to the end of their life because of natural deterioration, terminal illnesses or a life threatening health condition.

For Palliative Care in Stirling, our care home’s main goal is to provide our VIPs with comfort, lessening any pain or symptoms one may be receiving as well as making sure their dignity is maintained and their wishes are fulfilled.

We can assure you that all loved ones are also supported within our care home. VIPs can spend as much time with their relatives whilst families receive the support they need to help them get through this difficult time.


How we Support our VIPs

At Roselea Court Care Home, we’re proud to provide Palliative Care in Stirling which is delivered by a team of professionals who have had extensive training and experience within the care sector. They’re here to support all of our VIPs, especially those who need Palliative Care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All of our care assistants and nurses are qualified to a high level of care and they’re forever continuing their growth with learning and training to make sure they can learn about the latest techniques and illnesses to be aware of so that VIPs and their loved ones can feel confident that they’re receiving the very best care.

Our care home in Stirling is filled with friendly care assistants and nurses who are passionate and dedicated when it comes to providing outstanding levels of care, treating every resident with respect. We strive for perfection and awe have a holistic approach to our care and we work with other local healthcare professionals to make sure that we meet the needs and wishes of our VIPs. We’re proud to say that our team are always going above and beyond for all of our residents, meaning we’re always providing high standards of care.


No matter why you’re residing with us at Roselea Court Care Home, we’re here to support both our VIPs and their loved ones as we understand and appreciate how hard and emotional it can be. Therefore, we allow visits to our VIPs during any time, enabling families and loved ones to spend valuable time together.

Palliative Care in Stirling

Stirling is an old city within Scotland, it’s about an hour away from Edinburgh and 40 minutes from Glasgow. Our luxurious care home is situated within the residential suburb of St Ninians, yet it’s close to a lot of amenities such as local shops, parks and eateries, which means there are plenty of opportunities for VIPs to maintain their routines as well as keeping active and engaged within the local community.

Stirling is rich with both nature and history, there is plenty of attractions in and around the location for both VIPS and their loved ones to enjoy. There really is something for everyone, if you love walking and the fresh air, you can discover plenty of local landmarks within the locations nearby. From walks along the River Forth, to admiring the Red Kites at Argaty, to visiting Stirling Castle and admiring the wonderful views from the National Wallace Monument.

All of these local spots are perfect for our VIPs, everyone can reap the tranquil and calming benefits that the outdoors has. 

Stirling Castle

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